MTS was one of the best things to happen to me this year

Zach Razaleigh

The community. I met my best friends through productions; it's cliche but you really do become a family. 

Paul Escorrido on his favourite thing about MTS

My favourite thing about MTS is the real sense of community, support and intolerance of any harmful or unproductive drama - also just the pure enthusiasm for putting on great student Music Theatre!

Sophie Takatsuka


The community is super wholesome and inclusive to new people

Tamsyn Navra

MTS is a great community and there’s lots of ways to get involved even if you’re not a performer.

Adele Marwood

The community, I met my best friends through doing a MTS show together

Bianca Thomas

I love the passion and dedication to putting on a show! We rehearsed all through 2020 for a musical we didn’t know if it would even happen. Most shows would impossible without the commitment of an amazing cast, crew, and band! 

Jacqui Orme

Joining MTS was such beautiful re-entry point for me into the world of performative art. I'm very grateful for the experiences that I've had with MTS. 

John Tsakiris


My time at MTS was unforgettable, with huge learnings, amazing people, and crazy (but fun) experiences. I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Kyra Alday

I loved meeting new people, and even more so, meeting people who also got as excited as I did about musicals. I also had a great time exploring other opportunities and new experiences that I would never get with my degree. 

Kyra Alday

I joined MTS to be involved in more musicals and to meet more friends who loved musical theatre as much as I did! There is no being the weird theatre kid at MTS - we all are!

Keira Gatenby

It gives people the opportunity to put on amazing shows and experience theatre in a fun way! 

Erin Bogart