Tick, Tick... Boom! (2019)

Jon, an aspiring composer for musical theatre living in SoHo, New York is nearing his dreaded 30th birthday in 1990. Working as a waiter by day, Jon has an upcoming workshop for his newest original musical, Superbia, and is anticipating the attendance of professional Broadway producers and artists, including his idol.

Michael, Jon’s best friend, gave up acting to pursue a more lucrative career as a market research executive and attempts to convince Jon to do the same. Susan, Jon's girlfriend, is a dancer teacher who wants to leave New York to raise a family. Scared and insecure, Jon is torn between following his dream of composing and opting for security and family in a different career.

At the heart of this musical is the pressure to succeed. In this musical Jonathan sacrifices his relationship with his girlfriend and friends in order to be a success in his Broadway career. This notion of trying to choose between your family and friends and your need to do well in your chosen career is a universal concept that everyone relates to to some extent. Everyone feels the pressure to succeed, but this musical investigates the balancing act between priorities and whether the sacrifices you make to succeed are worth it.

“But I write musicals with rock music. A contradiction in terms. Broadway’s about 60 years behind anything you hear on the radio.” – Jon


Jon: Isabella Olsson

Michael: Paul Escorrido

Susan: Georgie Cope

Karessa: Holly Last

Rosa Stevens, Judy Wright: Adele Marwood

Dad, Counter Guy, David: John Tsakiris

Production Team and Crew

Producer: Sophia Manahan

Director: Jacqui Orme

Music Director: Jim Eykamp

Assistant Producer: Erica Chiandotto

Assistant Director: Jordan Barnes

Assistant Music Director: Max Waterson

Choreographer: Kelsi Chow

Technical Director: Marie Echevarria

Stage Manager: Arti Ram

Assistant Stage Manager: Joanna Cai

Lighting Designer: Mendy Ip

Assistant Lighting Designer: Jasmin Borsovszky

Lighting Operator: Karen Cho

Sound Designer: Nic You Lee

Sound Operator: Colene Palmero

Set Designer: Zack Heffernan

Assistant Set Designer: Margaret Tan

Costume Designer: Kit Spencer

Props Master: Jordana Wegman

Publicity Manager: Elli Katz

Publicity Assistant: Anne-Marie Sekla

Graphic Designer: Sophia Amini

Assistant Graphic Designer: April Maung

Photographer: Angus Noble


Piano: Alec Rawlings

Guitar: Varun Mahadevan, Matt Tuttiet

Bass: George Machado

Drums: Frank Lopresti