Crush: The Musical (2018)

Brought for the first time to Australia by MTS UNSW, Crush the Musical is a musical comedy written by Maureen Chadwick, with music and lyrics by Kath Gotts. 

The musical is a charming story set in the 60s that follows a British all-girls school turned upside down when the new headmistress changes a school built for empowering young women into a factory for producing perfect housewives. When two girls try to conceal their relationship under this new jurisdiction they are exposed and forced to flee the school or suffer the consequences. Crush keeps an upbeat tempo whilst dealing with subjects such as misogyny and homophobia that are as relevant for a 1960s context as it is today.

“We are, each of us, born into history upon the shoulders of those who came before, fearless women who fought for all that’s sisterly, now we must raise up their baton once more.” ~ Dame Dorothea


Miss Austin: Tash Atkins

Miss Bleacher: Lily Stokes

Susan Smart: Elizabeth Cornwall

Camilla Faraday: Charlotte Robertson

Daimler Jones: Yasmin Stelling

Judith: Micky Lucy

Annabel: Imogen Barker

Lavinia: Adele Marwood

Brenda Smears: Saria Adele Green

Dorian Dosserdale/Benny/Mr Smart: Dan Tompson

Diana Dosserdale/Miss Givings/Mrs Smart: Tia Haes

Production Team and Crew

Producer: Jacqui Orme

Director: Kit Spencer

Music Director: Fiona Young

Choreographer: Sinead Cristaudo

Assistant Producer: Charlie Fielke

Head of Publicity: Danny Finlay Mackenzie

Assistant Publicity: Ri Mordaunt

Stage Manager: Erica Chiandotto

Assistant Stage Manager: Mark Frangie

Costume and Props: Vivien Thuy Nguyen

Set Designer: Olivia Lan

Lighting Designer: Jas Piranha

Sound Designer: Sophia Manahan

Technical Director: Vincent Guan

Graphic Designer: Jordan Mah

Photographer: Angus Noble