Ordinary Days (2017)

Ordinary Days is the captivating story of what happens when frazzled and uptight graduate student Deb loses the notebook that contains all of her notes for her thesis somewhere on the streets of New York. Little does she know that Warren, the struggling artist and professional cat sitter who finds and returns the notebook to her, will have such a profound effect on her life. And meanwhile, their actions affect Jason and Claire, a couple inching toward marriage who ultimately can’t seem to completely figure each other out because of an unspeakable tragedy from years ago. Adam Gwon’s witty and captivating four-person song cycle has played around the world professionally, in university settings, and at community theatres, and it is sure to leave audiences finding and appreciating the beauty in their everyday lives. (Stage Agent)


Deb: Lali Gill

Warren: Tavis Cunningham

Clair: Charlotte Robertson

Jason: Nic Savage

Production Team and Crew

Director: Simeon Yialeloglou

Assistant Director: Sinead Cristaudo

Music Director: James Court

Producer: Ryan Fogwell

Assistant Producers: Micayla Lucy and Hannah Kim

Stage Manager: Micayla Lucy

Publicity: James Coates

Graphics Designer: Guy Segev

Set Designer: Keren Tristan

Props Head: Fiona Young

Lighting Designer: Jasmine Borsovsky

Lighting Operator: Sophia Manahan