University Theatre Cup (2022)

The University Theatre Cup (UTC) is a competition that pits the major four universities against one another in battle to showcase and display the very best talent that they have to offer. The winner of the event shall be crowned the very best, earning the valued trophy and bragging rights for the whole year. The competition will be divided into three categories: drama, musical and wild card. The Drama round will be a presentation of an original work, the Musical round will be a big song and dance number (think Eurovision/Glee/Pitch Perfect) and the wild card will allow the unis to perform from various categories within theatre, showcasing the unique talents that their unis bolster. So what are you waiting for, grab your buddies and come support your uni to prove to others that your uni is the best.


Aya Adel

Andrea Han

Tharun Rameshbabu

Rebecca Mathews

Jai Sahota

Anne-Claire Meijer

Bettina Ignacio

Bradley Anderson

Cinnamon Howearth

Bronwyn Dyer

Kyra Alday

Director + Producer: Aya Adel

Producer: Sarah Chan