Mother May's (2023)

Get ready for an evening of Debauchery and Titillation at Mother May’s Burlesque Bar…

Set in prohibition-era 1929, Mother May’s is a show which promises to be as provocative as it is thought-provoking. It is easy to assume that this will be another night of sordid entertainment for the unfaithful audience. However, a peek behind the curtain reveals a backstage where the girls struggle with the tribulations of their personal lives, as emotional and professional stresses run high.

So, though you may decide to come for a night of vice, you might just become enthralled by the girls’ tales of success, messy relationships, independence and Stockholm syndrome, all underscored by an original Jazz score.

We were so honoured for this chance to be a part of Australian Musical Theatre history! UNSW MTS presented the worldwide premiere of Mother May’s, a musical written by Jye Bryant, and orchestrated by John Tweed.


Mother May: Anna Kravtsova

Flora: Zia Bohm

Lulu: Isobel Holland

Adeline: Olivia Causer

Mabel: Katherine Vu

Bessie: Lucy Jeong

Production Team and Crew

Director: Josey Tan

Assistant Director, Choreographer: Molly Horseman

Producer: Jason Lin

Assistant Producer: Audrey Seeto

Music Director: Dylan Ford

Assistant Music Director: Iris Wu

Head of Publicity: Charlie Turner

Stage Manager: Audrey Seeto

Costume Designer: Piper McCowan

Lighting Technician: Priscilla Soo

Sound Technicians: Alex Paterson, Aaron Bourduriansky

Hair and Makeup: Abigail Pierce

Stagecrew: Abigail Pierce, Eden Warne, Jason Lin

Photographers, Videographers: Sarah Chan, Yingying Zhang 


Piano: Iris Wu

Trombone: Cameron Porter

Clarinet: Michelle Williams

Trumpet: Natasha Williams

Double Bass: Dominic Yeap-Holliday

Drums: Joel Robinson