Sunday in the Park with George (2019)

Inspired by George Seurat’s magnificent painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s soaring musical is itself an artistic masterpiece. The musical begins with the story of George and his model and lover Dot. As George struggles to find his artistic voice, he becomes more and more distant from the one woman who truly sees him for who he really is. Meanwhile, the characters that inhabit George’s painting have lives unto themselves, which George captures with his paintbrush. A century later, George and Dot’s descendants, themselves struggling artists, grapple with the same issues of artistic ingenuity, and a public who just doesn’t understand.Through melodic and heartbreaking music, poetic lyrics, and quick, jaunty wit, Sunday in the Park with George reveals universal truths about the nature of art, love, and passion, with the breadth and depth of art’s most enduring masterpieces. (Stage Agent)


George: Ian Warwick

Dot: Maree Cole

Jules/Bob Greenberg: Nic Savage

Yvonne/Naomi Eisen: Libby Gunther

Old Lady/Blair Daniels: Christie New

Nurse/Harriet Pawling: Caitlyn Bateman

Celeste 1/Elaine: Tayla Gregson

Celeste 2: Victoria Bullard

Soldier/Alex: Matthew Avery

Boatman/Charles: Andrew Dickson

Franz/Dennis: John Robles

Frieda/Betty: Hannah Gibbins

Louise/Photographer: Elli Katz

Mr/Lee Randolph: Gerard Atkinson

Mrs/Assistant: Amy Warner

Louis/Billy Webster: Patrick Min

Production Team and Crew

Director: Joseph Restubog

Band Director: Jeremy Kindl

Musical Director: Marcel Lima

Vocal Director: Pamela Andrews

Producer: Nic You Lee

Assistant Directors: Victoria Lewis, Anaya Vora

Stage Manager: Sophia Manahan

Assistant Stage Manager: Margarita Rai

Lighting: Jacqui Orme, Tom Killingback

Sound: Tom Wightwick, Saskia Wibowo

Choreographer: Sarah Pearce

Costumes: Ian Warwick

Hair and Makeup: Rachel Dal Santo

Publicity: Max Waterson

Stagehands: Thao Pham, Celeste Thomson

Set & Props: Thomas Cartwright, Peter Koch, Saskia Wibowo, Nic You Lee


Keys: Marcel Lima, Felice Tan

Violin: Alex Paterson, Nathan Lui

Viola: Josh Sun

Cello: David Sison

Reed 1: Liz Scott

Reed 2: Peter Koch

Oboe/Cor Anglais: Harry Wagstaff

Horn: Ursula Phillips, Eloise Koch