Spring Awakening (2020)

An electric, vibrant celebration of youth and rebellion, Spring Awakening fuses issues of morality, sexuality, and rock and roll into a story that packs a powerful emotional punch.

It’s 1891, and grown-ups hold all the cards. Headstrong Melchior and naive Wendla stumble into each others’ arms, passionate and curious, while anxious Moritz struggles to live up to the stringent expectations of society. With only each other for guidance, this group of young men and women travel the fraught and rocky path of adolescence, discovering their bodies, their minds, and themselves along the way. 


Wendla: Kim Jones

Melchior: Blake Condon

Moritz: John Tsakiris

Ilse: Cass Lobb

Hänschen: Sam Folden

Martha: Kyra McMorrow

Ernst: Paul Escorrido

Georg: Sam Perkins

Otto: Max Macdonald

Thea: Elli Katz

Anna: Jess Franke

Adult Woman: Caitlyn Bateman

Adult Man: Josh Bale

Production Team and Crew

Director: Jacqui Orme

Assistant Director: Clare Pinkerton

Musical Director: Josh Sun

Vocal Director: Blake Condon

Producer: Nic You Lee

Assistant Producer: Franni Kuan 

Stage Manager: Georgia Batson

Tech Director: Michael Goodyear

Choreographer: Kevin Tristan

Movement Directors: Cass Lobb, Kim Jones, Jacqui Orme

Lighting: Jacqui Orme, Eric Jiang, Marcel Lima

Sound: Tom ‘Big’ Killingback

Costumes: Amy Warner, Jacqui Orme

Props Master: Jacqui Orme

Set Designer: Jacqui Orme

Set: Phil Playoust, Tom Cartwright

Stagecrew: Candy Huang, Khalia Ackermann, Angelina Lim


Keys: Bea Brabante

Violin: Christina Lee

Viola: Josh ‘Big Violin’ Sun

Cello: David Sison

Guitar: Brodie Fairall

Bass: Jianne Parisi

Drums: Alexander Antoniou