Heathers (2023)

Step into the halls of Westerburg High and enter a world where the one with the red scrunchie holds all the power, the Heathers reign supreme, and the Marthas are just trying to survive. Based on the 1989 cult classic film, Heathers: The Musical tells the story of Veronica Sawyer, a high school student who dreams of being popular. She finally gets her chance when she catches the attention of the hottest (and cruelest) clique in school - The Heathers. But before she can settle into her new status, Veronica falls for the mysterious, poetry-quoting new kid. And he has no qualms about putting the Heathers in their place.

Between slushies that freeze your brain, dangerously charming emo boyfriends, and a body count that just keeps rising, Heathers will take you on a darkly humorous journey down the twists and turns of Veronica's teenage life. So, grab your Jiffy Pop and join us for some Big Fun - we promise it'll be to die for.


Veronica Sawyer: Alicia Benson

Heather Chandler: Bronwyn Dyer

Heather Duke: Erin Pacholke

Heather McNamara: Madeline Künstler

JD: Andrew Smallbone

Ram Sweeny: Ethan Malacaria

Kurt Kelly: Nikolas Zielinski

Martha Dunnstock: Isobel Holland

Ms. Fleming/Ensemble: Aja Elshaikh

Ram's Dad/Coach Ripper/Ensemble: Jason Lin

Kurt's Dad/Veronica's Dad/Principal Gowan/Ensemble: Jack Fahd

Big Bud Dean/Ensemble: Bianca Thomas

Veronica's Mom/Ensemble: Georgia Togher

Production Team and Crew

Producer: Sarah Chan

Assistant Producer: Nic You Lee

Director: Aya Adel

Assistant Director: Bonnie Ranger

Musical Director: Jaden Cheng

Assistant Musical Director: Kevin Wang

Vocal Director: Caitlyn Bateman

Choreographer: Nathaniel Butler, Emily Huynh

Intimacy and Fight Co-Ordinator: Matthew Dorahy

Production Assistant: YingYing Zhang

Stage Manager: Adelaide Tustian

Assistant Stage Manager: Mia Ok

Lighting Operator: Rhys Anderson

Costume Designer: Molly Coogan

Set Designer: Clara Hogg

Assistant Set Designer: Alexis Monardo

Sound Designer & Operator: Dylan Ford

Graphic Designer: Olivia Elston, Celeste Thomson

Stagehand: Celeste Thomson, Regina Kim, Keira Gatenby, Cinnamonn Howearth

Photographer: Annabelle Radford


Keys & Violin: Hayden White

Keys: Kevin Wang

Reed: Renae Goodman

Flute/Clarinet: Liz Scott

Violin: Nick Glasson

Guitar: Daniel Billing

Percussion: Daniel Craig

Bass: Dominic Yeap-Holliday

Trumpet: Natasha Williams