The Bridges of Madison County (2023)

Become entangled in the eternal question of

"𝓦𝓱π“ͺ𝓽 𝓲𝓯...?"

Experience the soul-stirring journey of Francesca in The Bridges of Madison County, a musical that captures longing, pain and the search for adventure. The show dives deep into the complexity of human emotions and the impact of our choices. Come see this sweeping romance on stage this July 4th-8th at UNSW Studio One, as we take you through the roads we travel, the doors we open and the bridges we dare to cross that will leave you breathless.


Francesca: Julia Mitnovetski

Robert Kincaid: Brandon Lindsay

Bud Johnson: Heath Anderson

Carolyn: Payton Green

Michael: Grace Karras

Marge: Emma Gibbons

Charlie: Liam Verity

Marian/County Fair Singer: Lucy O'Brien

Ginny/Chiara: Josephine Tan

Production Team and Crew

Producer: Keira Gatenby

Assistant Producer: Nic You Lee

Director: Max Waterson

Assistant Director: Yingying Zhang

Musical Director: Kevin Wang

Vocal Director: Louis Vinciguerra

Assistant Musical Director: Hayden White

Head of Publicity + Graphics: Kevin Rodrigueza

Photography/Visuals + Props Master: Sarah Chan

Stage Manager + Paolo: Jacob Caesar

Assistant Stage Manager: Lucy Huang

Costume Designer: Piper McCowan

Set Designer: Clara Hogg

Lighting and Sound Designer: Jaden Cheng

Set Assistant: Matthew de Meyrick

Lighting Assistant: Andy Wang

Props Assistant: Dylan Abadee

Intimacy Coordinators: Matt Dorahy, Isobel Holland

Stagecrew: Kairav Dontamsetti, Chelsea McArthur, Jemima Papera, Priscilla Soo, Piper McCowan, Bronwyn Dyer, Jack Fahd, Flynn Howley, Kai Mather, Kevin Rodrigueza

Photographer: Dylan Ford


Violin I: Julia Nadalini

Violin II: Frederick Yang

Violin III: Hayden White

Viola: Josh Sun

Cello: Vicky Zhang

Piano: Kevin Wang

Guitar I: Daniel Billing

Guitar II: Aiden Carter

Bass: Dominic Yeap-Holliday

Percussion: Daniel Craig