The Three Penny Opera (2017)

The Threepenny Opera is one of Brecht’s token works that provides a Marxist critique of capitalism. Ironically, it is also arguably his most famous and profitable, having major productions worldwide and multiple film adaptations. The book and lyrics are by Bertolt Brecht and the music is by Kurt Weill. The protagonist of the show, Macheath (or Mack the Knife), is a war veteran-turned-criminal who leads a gang of London thieves. He marries Polly Peachum, the daughter of the king of London’s beggars. Mr and Mrs Peachum are unhappy with this arrangement, so they conspire to have Mack arrested (twice) and sentenced to hang. However, in the deus ex machina to end all deus ex machinas, a messenger from Queen Victoria arrives with a royal pardon for Macheath, along with a knighthood and annual stipend.


Jackie (Tiger) Brown: Micayla Lucy

Betty/Walt/Bob/Victoria’s Messenger: Michael Giglio

Macheath (Mack the Knife): Charlie Fielke

Lucy Brown: Fiona Young

Polly Peachum: Tivy Siripanich

J.J. Peachum: Guy Segev

Mrs. Peachum: Lily Stokes

Jenny Diver: Leah Finegold

Filch/Jake: Neve Thomson

Matt/Dolly/Coaxer: Adele Marwood

Smith/Molly/Kimball: Sara Rafehi

Production Team and Crew

Nathan Jackson: Director

Jacqui Orme: Assistant Director

Liam Jarvis: Producer

Natalie Marcarian: Assistant Producer

Danielle Bennett: Music Director

Chanel Cheung: Choreographer

Kim Surya: Stage Manager

Daniel Mackenzie: Stage Manager

Alexandra Black: Publicity

Ryan McDonald: Technical Director

Lucy Bateman: Front Of House

Kimberley Chung: Assistant Set Designer

Michael Goodyear: Lighting Designer

Kit Spencer: Costume Designer

Louise Fan: Sound Operator