Parts of an MTS Production

Our productions at MTS are a big part of our society, and involve not just performers, but a whole group of people collaborating with many different skills. We encourage all people of different backgrounds, experience and skill levels to get involved and give it a go! Who knows, you might just find your new passion!

Production Team

The people who are in charge of a production and bring the creative vision to life


Handles the show’s administration


The show’s creative coordinator

Music Director

In charge of creative expression for music


Choreographs dances and teaches them to cast


The performers on the stage who bring the story to life


The ensemble who play the music throughout the show


The groups who design, organise and administer the technical side of the production and ensure it runs smoothly

Set designers/builders

Design and build the backdrops and set pieces on the stage

Costume designers/ assistants

Design, source and make the outfits and accessories that the actors wear

Lighting designers/ operators

Design, program and operate the lighting throughout the show

Sound Manager

Operates the sound desk and makes sure the cast and band are heard

Stage Manager

Controls and manages what goes on and off stage and coordinates stage crew

Stage Crew

Assists backstage with props, set changes, costume changes, etc.

Hair and Makeup Artists

Designs and assists actors with their hair and makeup


Source and create props for the show

Other Roles in a Production

Front of House

Checks patrons into the show and sells food and beverages to patrons

Graphic Designer

Designs all graphics and images for the show including the program


In charge of publicising the show to the wider public in a variety of ways